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Do you ever find that you're discussing or writing about a topic on fracking and you suddenly think, "I'm sure I saw an article about this, but I can't think where to find it"?

Well, our sister organisation Coal Aston & Dronfield Against Fracking have created an on-line "virtual library" on their webpage, listing media articles, Government  reports, press releases and video clips on a whole range of topics: Fracking, Communities and the Environment; Health Effects; Climate Change & the Environment; Plastics Pollution; Renewable Energy; Legal & Planning Proceedings; Government Reports & Parliamentary Matters; and "The murky history of the UK Government and fracking". Within each grouping the items are listed in chronological order from newest to oldest, and  each one has a handy link to take you to the relevant webpage. And it's all regularly updated.

So, no more head-scratching and Google-searching, just go to the CADAF "Media Reports" page by clicking here and have a look down the list.

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